Living in Da Nang: Experiences and Lifestyle

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Experience the vibrant lifestyle of living in Da Nang. Discover pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and delectable cuisine. Enjoy a blend of modern amenities and tranquil natural beauty. Immerse yourself in a dynamic city that offers a laid-back lifestyle and exciting adventures. From breathtaking landscapes to friendly locals, Da Nang offers a truly enriching living experience.

Why would you choose Da Nang for long-term stay? Just very simple reason, Da Nang is the best city for living in Viet Nam Now. Let’s NamiReal explore danang city life guide below.

Da Nang-Culture and economic center in Central Vietnam)

Da Nang is well-known city with a long sea-coast, and many beautiful places that make Da Nang become famous for tourists around the world.

Da Nang experienced an economic boom and it has been steadily growing ever since. Da Nang is considered a major industrial and economic hub making it conducive to expatriates.

Skyscrapers, restaurants, and luxury hotel is a specialty of Da Nang. It’ll be almost like you never left minus the massive expense of living with a lot of hustle and bustle however Da Nang also keeps the natural environment that embraces by Son Tra mountain, Han River, and the beach.

The area is not considered cluttered or overcrowded. There are wide roads and sidewalks for those who prefer to ride bikes or walk to their destination.

Panoramic View of Da Nang

Panoramic View of Da Nang

Partly because of its close proximity to the beach Da Nang is listed as a first-class city. It also has a higher urbanization ratio than any of Vietnam’s other provinces or centrally governed cities. However, it can also be one of the more expensive places to live as an expat.

This 496 square mile coastal city is located in central Vietnam and is the country’s fifth largest city. It is also known for its beautiful, sandy beaches and extensive history as a French colonial port. Reportedly there are approximately a million people living in this sea side city.

Da Nang also isn’t far from the Ba Na hills, which are just west of the city. It has spectacular views of the city, marble mountains, limestone outcrops and some of the most amazing pagodas and caves that contain Buddhist shrines.

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Da Nang Weather - Travel and Local Information Guide

As with the rest of the country, the seasons in Da Nang are separated by wet and dry. The driest, hottest half of the year is January through October and the cooler, wettest part of the year is November and December, also raining a lot.

Traditional and variety food

The food in Da Nang is known as being traditionally Vietnamese. It also has the reputation for having the best traditional cuisine in all of Vietnam such as” bánh tráng thịt heo”, “bánh xèo”…

However, keep an eye on food prep conditions. Look for places that prepare the food fresh versus just heating up pre-cooked food. Some of the back street vendors aren\ as clean as others and you will definitely want to avoid getting sick, especially in your first few weeks living in Da Nang.

There are even a few expat owned restaurants in the city. Being on the coast there is a great selection of seafood places to check out, and you can also find Western cuisine as well including French, Greek, Italian and even a few Mexican style places. Such as Cook Shop, Torino, Lemoncello…



Because Da Nang is a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of things to do at night. You will find lots of clubs, but there are also quieter settings for people to gather and converse without loud “techno” music possibly blaring in the background.

Making friends with fellow expats and the locals will be a good way of finding places that aren’t necessarily catering to or as well known by the tourists.

There are many places to shop once you get to Da Nang. There are multiple grocers, malls, street carts, vendors and a variety of boutiques that allow you to find just about anything you need to comfortably live in Da Nang.

Some of the most well-known supermarkets are Metro, Big C and Intimex.

If you are looking for unique, hand crafted items, to decorate your new house or apartment with, you will definitely want to check out Non Nuoc village. You can watch the vendors here make all sorts of items from scratch.

Recreational activities

Recreational activities

For the fitness enthusiast, there are a few gyms that you can join that offer state of the art equipment and aerobic classes including yoga.

As a resort city, that does cater to tourists, you will find plenty of activities which includes off-roading, surfing, cooking classes that teach you how to prepare traditional Vietnamese cuisine and much more.

This is another Vietnamese city that is always on the go and, for the new expat, that means there is no shortage of things to do in the way of health, fitness and entertainment.

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Cost of living

For Da Nang’s cost of living, we will continue to use the example of a one-bedroom, two-bedromm and break down the general costs in VND (Vietnamese Dong).

  • Rent for a furnished one bedroom-apartment around 8,000,000~9,000,000 VND
  • Rent for a furnished two bedroom-apartment around 11,000,000~16,000,000 VND

However, the price depends on the quality and the location, view, and other services. Expats have many options to choose and find the best apartment for living and enjoying.
The cost of living in Da Nang can be somewhat higher than the corresponding costs in other cities in Viet Nam. However, the life worth that Da Nang brings to the residents is more than that, the sightseeing, friendly people, and facilities… that is why Da Nang becomes the first choice for ex-pats who want to living in Viet Nam for a long time.

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