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Hiyori Danang Apartment is the first apartment project designed according to Japanese style and standards, with 100% capital from Japan. This is a Da Nang apartment project that has stood out since its inception because of its extremely low price compared to its real value. Below, Namireal will review in detail the Hiyori Garden Tower Da Nang apartment project.

Overview of Hiyori Da Nang Apartment Project “Hiyori” in Japanese means “Beautiful sky”. True to its name, the apartment building was built with the desire to create a green living space, giving residents a clean, peaceful atmosphere to live every day and relax every day.

Hiyori Da Nang Apartment
  • Project name: Hiyori Garden Tower.
  • Location: Lot A2, Vo Van Kiet street, Son Tra district, Da Nang.
  • Investor: Sun Frontier Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Japan).
  • Design company: Raymond Vietnam.
  • Main construction contractor: Dinco joint stock unit (Da Nang).
  • Land area: 2077.6 m2.
  • Construction density: 51.8%.
  • Scale: a 28-storey block.
  • Number of apartments: 306.
  • Area apartment:
  • 2-bedroom apartment: 300 products, area 65.9 m2 – 70.1 m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 06 products, area 131.8 m2 – 144 m2.
  • Construction amenities: Green park, swimming pool, gym, kindergarten, supermarket,…
  • Handover period: September 2019.
  • Guarantee bank: VietcomBank.
  • Legal: Pink book for each apartment.

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Location Hiyori apartments

Located at Lot A2 on Vo Van Kiet street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city. This is the tallest building on Vo Van Kiet street, you can immediately see the Hiyori Garden Tower building every time you walk from Dragon Bridge to the sea.

With an extremely convenient location, Hiyori Da Nang Project can easily connect to:

  • From Son Tra Town Hospital – 450m
  • From Dragon Bridge Park – 600m
  • 1.5 km from Vincom Shopping Center.
  • 1 km from My Khe Beach.
  • 3 km from Da Nang International Airport.
  • School system of all sectors within about 0.5 – one kilometer.
  • 5km from Chau As Park
  • Son Tra Peninsula – 8 km
  • BRG Danang Golf Course – 12.5km

Within 10-15 minutes of travel, residents at Hiyori can travel to all necessary locations within Da Nang city.

Hiyori Danang apartment design Hiyori Garden Tower has 306 apartments. There are 300 2-bedroom apartments and 6 3-bedroom apartments. Users can easily choose apartments depending on their personal tastes and needs.

The apartment also meets Leed standards (optimal energy for health and cost savings) in construction design certified by the American Green Building Council. As can be seen, Hiyori Da Nang apartment is one of the rare projects in our country that is certified by Leed.

Location Hiyori apartments

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View directions of Hiyori Garden Danang apartments:

  • The North direction includes apartments number 2 to number 5, adjacent to Vo Van Kiet street. View towards Linh Ung Pagoda, Han River Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge.
  • North direction owns the number one corner apartment adjacent to Pham Cu Luong and Vo Van Kieu streets. View towards Son Tra mountain and My Khe beach.
  • South direction includes apartments 8 to 11 located along An Trung Dong 3 street. View to Tran Thi Ly bridge, Asia park and Han river.
  • The South direction has fate 7, located at the corner bordering An Trung Dong 3 and Pham Quang Anh streets. View overlooking the heart of the commune, Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Asia park.
  • Southeast direction has corner apartment number 12 adjacent to Vo Van Kieu and Pham Cu Luong streets. View overlooking My Khe beach, Asia park and Thi Ly bridge.

Northwest direction is corner apartment number 6, located adjacent to Vo Van Kiet and Pham Quang Anh Anh streets. View overlooking Dragon Bridge River, Han River Bridge, Thi Ly Deer Bridge and Son Tra Peninsula.

Learn about the amenities inside the Hiyori Da Nang apartment complex. Hiyori Da Nang project carries strict Japanese standards, widely integrated with high-quality amenities. Bringing a comfortable and convenient life to residents. Hiyori Garden Tower is the pride of the future residents.

Outstanding amenities here include:

  • 24/7 multi-layer security system.
  • The indoor swimming pool has an area of 30m2, using high-quality anti-slip tiles and 1.4m high tempered glass walls to ensure safety for children.
  • Japanese standard internal kindergarten.
  • Gym and Yoga studio with advanced equipment.
  • Mini supermarket.

Green area inside the area.

  • Hiyori Da Nang apartment price Hiyori Da Nang apartment price at opening (June 2017): 1.8 billion/2-bedroom apartment
  • Hiyori Danang apartment price range now (2021): 3.5 billion/2 bedroom apartment

With that, Hiyori Project has created a huge “explosion” for the Da Nang apartment market right from its launch. The proof is that 306 apartments were sold out within just two hours of opening.

Since its completion in 2019 until now, no matter how the real estate market fluctuates, the Hiyori Garden Tower Project is still developing steadily. The volume of arbitrage transactions is still busy, especially now. This is also the Da Nang apartment project with the most number of local buyers ever.

Above is a review article of Hiyori Danang Apartment Project. If you are shopping for a Hiyori Garden Tower apartment, visit Namireal immediately. The latest apartment listings are being brokered and apartment owners are continuously posting on

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