Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices in 2024

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Hiyori Apartment is currently one of the apartments with full gym and free swimming pool, They have 24-hour reception and security. When you stay at Hiyori, if there is any problem with equipment, water, electricity or AC… the technician team will come and fix it immediately. In addition, the apartment has a north view, residents can see the Han River, Son Tra mountain and the sea.

Looking south, you can also see the Han River, My Khe and especially the Ngu Hanh Son view. If customers want to rent a Hiyori apartment in the North, they can watch the sunset every day which is super wonderful and romantic, the view to the North at night is very beautiful, the Han River at night is very beautiful.

So today, Namireal will introduce to you Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices.

Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices in 2024

1. Breathtaking view in Hiyori apartment for rent

Price: 550$

Located in a prime location, Hiyori apartment is truly a work of architectural art. With each apartment, you will admire the picturesque panorama of the city. From your window, you can watch high-rise buildings filled with streetlights as night falls. Or look away and you will admire the beauty of the blue sea and the beautiful sunset.

Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices 1

Hiyori Apartment not only gives you a beautiful view but is also designed with meticulous care to every detail. With a comfortable and convenient living space, each apartment is fully equipped with modern furniture and high-end amenities. You can relax and enjoy the luxurious living space at Hiyori apartment every day.

Besides, Hiyori apartment is also comfortable with top services and amenities. The 24/7 security system will help you feel secure about your safety. The swimming pool, gym and children’s play area will bring you and your family exciting experiences and help you relieve stress after a day of work.

With Hiyori Apartment, you not only rent an apartment, but you also enjoy a true life with beautiful views and perfect amenities. Come to Hiyori apartment today and discover the wonderful things this place has to offer you!

2. Cheapest apartment in Hiyori Garden Tower for rent

Price: 550$

The cheapest apartment at Hiyori Garden Tower is beautifully and smartly designed. With convenient usable space, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience of a luxury apartment. The interior is fully equipped, from comfortable bedrooms to spacious living rooms, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation for you and your family.

Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices 2

Furthermore, Hiyori Garden Tower also offers many notable amenities. Here, you can enjoy the green space of the garden, relax in the swimming pool or exercise at the modern gym. You will never get bored with these gadgets.

In the cheapest apartment at Hiyori Garden Tower, you will enjoy not only comfort and luxury, but also a peaceful and quiet living environment. Hurry and book to experience a dreamy life at this apartment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own the cheapest apartment at Hiyori Garden Tower. Contact us immediately for more detailed information and to schedule an apartment viewing appointment.

3. Pretty Hiyori apartment in Da Nang for rent

Price: 600$

The apartment is located in Da Nang center, next to Dragon bridge. Residences can be easy to access:

  • Vincom Center and Han Bridge just 4 minutes
  • My Khe beach is 4 minutes by bike
  • Da Nang airport just 7 minutes.
Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices 3

The developer is from Japan therefore they make sure residences have good quality apartments. They also attach special importance to the quality of living of residence, Hiyori Apartment has a gym and swimming pool, a playground garden, Japanese Kinder garden.

All bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens have sunlight that makes residences feel comfortable and airy. The big balcony can set up chairs and tables, you guys can take fresh air in the morning or there.

4. Tropical design Hiyori apartment for rent

Price: 600$

Tropical Design Hiyori Apartment For Rent stands out with location is the heart of Da Nang city. Hiyori has nice view that embraces view of the entire Da Nang city.

Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices 4

The North direction, residents can see Han River, Son Tra mountains and the beach as well. In the south direction also can view Han River, sea view, and especially Marble mountain view.

5. Hiyori Garden Tower for rent in Da Nang

Price: 600$

Are you looking for an Hiyori Garden Tower For Rent In Da Nang with full facilities? Let’s check our lists to choose an ideal apartment for staying long time in this beautiful city.

Top 5 Hiyori apartments with best prices 5

Luxury furniture with Westen style, TV, Fridge, washing and dryer machine, rice cooker, microwave…2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen area.

Fitted with perfect matching fixtures, fully furnished nice and upscale interiors and equipment, Japanese concept.

The building has striking amenities: 24/24 security, reception, parking lot, a swimming pool, gym and garden – an ideal place for kids to play around.


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